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Raw & live food, resources in South Africa

Raw & live food, resources in South Africa

Just a couple of years ago this list did not exist and ‘raw food’ in South Africa meant the garnish that came on the side of a plate of steak and chips! We are delighted to see the awareness of raw foods building rapidly, and with it many new people...

Seasonal Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs for the Western Cape

Eating with the seasons is one of the most natural things on earth. But with supermarkets offering air freighted foods, artificially preserved foods and farmers growing using unnatural methods to extended their seasons it can be difficult to tell what is seasonal food...

Organic and Health Food Shopping Cape Town

Ethical Co-op Online store with a huge range of local organic produce. Fresh fruit and Vegetables direct from farms and community projects in and around Cape town weekly. Large range of local and imported dried goods, including raw superfoods, cold pressed oils, dried...