AuraOrmus-Harmonic Mineral Complex 200ml

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For calm focused energy. Ormus is also known as white powder gold. It provides a complex of minerals and supports general well-being. Mineralise your body and get tremendous benefits from this premium Ormus. Benefits include, enhanced mental clarity, slow sustained energy, increased sense of wellbeing, minerals support the immune system.

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Pure Ormus  – An alchemical extract from pristine salts. Hand crafted in the Western Cape, South Africa.

How to take:

1 Teaspoon with water in the morning. Feel free to start with smaller quantities.

Learn about Ormus:

Welcome to the world of Ormus! The first question that most people ask is “what is it?”
The simple answer is that Ormus is a potent mineral complex, yet there is much more to it than that. Curios?… then read on.

Optimal health requires balanced nutrition, which is not always easy to achieve with our frenzied lifestyles and synthetic farming practices. Many people need to augment their diets with vitamins or other supplements – and with so much choice available it’s not easy to know what is right for you.

Dr Linus Pauling: 2 time Nobel prize winner, and considered the father of biochemistry claimed that “nearly all illness is due to mineral deficiencies”.

The most common mineral we use is salt, mostly sodium chloride or NaCl. This is an essential mineral for our bodies, and without salt, we will die. On the other hand, too much salt is also harmful, so we need to find the optimum balance.

We mention salt because our Ormus is made from 5 pristine salts, alchemically transformed into Ormus minerals. One could expect a high salt concentration, yet our Ormus contains only 1.1% salt so people concerned about their salt intake have no need to worry. There are no harmful effects.

So what is Ormus?

Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, known as ORME’s or ORMUS, exist everywhere. We find them in our bodies, the air, soils and in many plants like red grapes and aloe-vera.

Ormus is a special class of rare and potent minerals, alchemically transformed into their mono-atomic state. We do this by raising the pH to a particular alkaline level which reduces the sodium content and allows the amazing Ormus minerals to ‘drop out’ of solution.

It is mostly the platinum group elements that lend themselves to this conversion from a metallic state (which is not bio-available) into Ormus or mono-atomic minerals. In this Ormus state, these essential minerals are beneficial for all cellular life and act like a super-charger on cells, allowing clearer cell-to-cell communication. We call it bio-active cell food because high-spin atoms pass energy along with no loss of energy.


We make our Ormus with the utmost care and attention. We use dynamic infinity flow forms to energise our Ormus. We also imprint it with sacred geometric images and powerful words of affirmation.

ORMUS already exists everywhere in nature in small quantities and researchers and natural health experts agree that ORMUS minerals are an essential part of the human body. Everything, from our hair, skin and nails to muscle tissue and even DNA, contains ORMUS minerals and elements.

However, our modern lifestyles – through radiation, pollution, chemical exposure, stress and poor diet – depletes us of this vital health enhancing energy-substance.

While vitamins are required for biochemical activity in the body, they can’t function without the presence of minerals. It could even be said that minerals are more important than vitamins!

Minerals can’t be synthesised by our bodies, we have to get them from external sources, usually from our food. Sadly, due to environmental pollution and the exploitation of once mineral-rich soils on our planet, eating the right food just isn’t enough anymore. We need to ensure we get the minerals that we need to stay healthy, within a balanced diet.

We’re able to create a high-potency ORMUS which once it has been sensitively collected, concentrates in a transformed vibrant state that can then be safely consumed either through ingesting or through the skin.

Just how good is Ormus?

Based on the work of Dr John Diamond and Dr David Hawkins, the Kinesiology scale is an internationally validated scale.  It is a measure of truth and consciousness.

“On a scale of 1 to 1,000 with 1 being the lowest level of truth and consciousness and 1,000 being the highest level of truth and consciousness, this Ormus measures at level 690” 

Please note:  our products have not been evaluated by the MCC and are not intended to treat or diagnose any illness or ailment.

If you want to make your own Ormus, we recommend this book of recipes to get you started. There are 13 different ways to make Ormus in this book by Chris Emmons, a pharmacist.

Some useful links to deepen your understanding:

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