SuperThrive for Men – 200g

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The SuperThrive range is a potent blend of adaptogens and superherbs combined with superfoods. Add to your daily smoothies, drinks and snacks.

These ancient longevity plants have been married in a way to accentuate their full potency combined with a pleasant mild taste, plus the added bonus of freedom from tablets.

SuperThrive for Men, is for men who want to feel more potent, more energised, more resilient, more on the pulse, more confident, more productive, more dynamic, more vital and more affective at everything they do. This specific formula is the simple, easy answer to your daily needs.

SuperThrive is great in smoothies, breakfast, green juice, chocolates, breakfast, biscuits or simply as a warm beverage. 


SuperThrive is now made and distributed by Earthshine

SUPERTHRIVE FOR MEN helps you harness the reigns of a high intensity lifestyle. Work pressure, lack of sleep and the host of other modern day pressures easily put a strain on the body, specifically the endocrine system. This specific formula was designed to provide adaptogenic support for your body with the added support of nutrient dense superfoods giving you the fuel to make hormones.

Adaptogens help us to adapt to our environment by regulating our endocrine and nervous system. This in turn regulates our energy levels, metabolism, speed of ageing, libido, sleep, immune system, mental focus, ability to handle stress and general homeostasis. Adaptogens increase our energy levels without being stimulants and bring a sense of calm without being tranquillisers.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1 serving is 1 to 4 teaspoons. SuperThrive is great in smoothies, breakfast, green juice, chocolate, breakfast, biscuits or simply as a warm beverage. 

INGREDIENTS: Mesquite*, Cacao Powder*, Maca Powder, Rice Protein Powder*, Mucuna Powder*, Ashwaganda*, Moringa*, Schisandra, Astragalus, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder. *ORGANIC


FREE FROM: Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, GMO’s, Additives, Added Sugar, 

WEIGHT: 200g


BARCODE NUMBER:  700371660390

SuperThrive does not claim to cure any illness. SuperThrive is not responsible for any form of reaction including detoxification, healing crisis or allergic reaction.

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