Vegan Droëwors 30g

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Traditional South African Wors Flavour. Hand Crafted in our Eco Factory. Gluten & Nut Free. Activated Seeds, Air Dried.



INGREDIENTS: Activated sunflower seeds, nori, activated pumpkin seeds, organic apple cider vinegar, organic tamari, organic coriander seed, nutri yeast, smoked paprika, onion, organic cumin, Kalahari rock salt, Ormus Minerals.




Made RAW, Air-Dried, Vegan, Gluten & Wheat Free, Dairy Free


5 reviews for Vegan Droëwors 30g

  1. nina

    Wow! Smoky, flavourful, deliciously textured, this droewors even has the right-feeling ‘snap’ when you break a stick to share it. Nevermind the real thing, this IS the real thing – an incredibly yummy snack.

  2. jenny

    I love these when looking for a savoury snack. Taste very yummy and they are healthy too so love them

  3. Chryssea

    I absolutely love this product. It is very unique in taste and also a great alternative to meat. A great on the go snack!

  4. Michelle

    Perfect flavour as well as combination of crunch and chewiness.

  5. Gayleen

    My all time FAVOURITE snack … for about 10 years now! 😊

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