African Forest Medicinals-Wild Turkey Tail Tincture 50ml

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From African Forest Medicinals, hand crafted tinctures from the garden route.

Probably the most widely studied medicinal mushroom in the world.




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Tinctures are made by extracting beneficial properties from natural materials like plants and fungi. This extraction is done using pure alcohol and water.


Wild Turkey Tail
Turkey Tail, or Trametes versicolor, is the source of Polysaccharide K – or PSK for short – and is probably the most widely studied medicinal mushroom in the world.

PSK. Turkey Tail has already been used in many commercial anti-cancer medicines, in particular in “Krestin”, an approved anti-cancer drug in Asia and has already proven to be very beneficial in treating breast cancer.  PSK reduces cancer metastasis (cancer spreading to other parts of the body) and also stimulates interleukin-1 production in human cells (part of the body’s natural defense mechanism against cancerous cells). PSK is also a very effective scavenger of free-radical oxidizing compounds through its production of manganese superoxide dismutase (a super anti-oxidant) so it offers excellent support in protecting our cells from free radical oxidative stress. PSK has also been found to be effective against E coli and  Staphylococcus aureus infections as well as against the Candida albicans fungus.

PSP. Turkey Tail also contains PSP – polysaccharopeptide – that has possible use as a powerful antiviral agent against HIV and also increases the production of interferon, interleukin-2 and T-cells – all part of the body’s immune defenses. Polysaccharopeptides also have very strong immunomodulating properties (adjusting the immune system either up or down in order to balance it according to its needs). Research is underway, but it is looking very hopeful that PSP is extremely effective in destroying prostate cancer stem cells.

Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Tumour
Turkey Tail is loaded with antioxidants and as well as being anti-viral, also boasts powerful antibacterial and anti-tumour properties. It is also one of the most effective natural substances for destroying harmful chemical toxins both in the human body and the natural environment.

Turkey Tail and Chemotherapy
Turkey Tail is also a very effective chemo-protective agent in the sense that even when a person is undergoing chemotherapy, Turkey Tail can support the destruction of malignant cells while shielding the healthy cells from the damaging effects of the treatment – another function that is attributed to PSK.  So in this way Turkey Tail has become very well known for offering a natural, multifaceted healing approach to breast, lung & colon cancer, sarcoma, carcinoma and leukaemia.

Turkey Tail in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Turkey Tail is beneficial for infections and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract; infections and irritations of the digestive tract, infections of the urinary tract, lung diseases, chronic congestion and general lack of energy/not feeling well.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Turkey Tail is used to clear phlegm and excessive dampness from the body and to increase life force.  It is also considered to be a powerful liver tonic.

Turkey Tail and Urinary Tract Infections
As mentioned above, Turkey Tail is very effective at treating urinary tract infections (UTI’s).  We have had an excellent testimonial from someone who had been suffering from a chronic UTI for 3 months and our Turkey Tail tincture cleared it up within 2 days!  The lady in question went back to her doctor after this – who found absolutely no trace of the infection remaining.

Turkey Tail and HPV
There is now evidence of Turkey Tail being used to treat the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – the pre-cursor to cervical cancer.

Turkey Tail – Woman’s Best Friend!
With Turkey Tail’s effectiveness at treating breast cancer, UTI’s and HPV – it really is a Woman’s Best Friend!  A wonderful ally to add to your medicine cabinet, ladies

Wild-Harvested Dual Extraction Tinctures
There are an enormity of other health benefits to consider when consuming Turkey Tail and it can be consumed on a regular basis even if there is no evidence of disease.  It is a biological response modifier and can support the healthy, balanced functioning of many levels of our being. Wild Turkey Tail is by far the most potent variety, and our dual extraction tincture (alcohol & hot water) provides the full spectrum of its beneficial nutrients and active constituents.

Turkey Tail is easy to identify in the wild and is one of the most prolific mushrooms on the planet (particularly in the northern hemisphere).  Turkey Tail varies in colour on top of the mushroom but is uniformly white underneath.  They grow in clusters on decaying trees and, in our experience at least, seem to prefer branches rather than trunks of trees.

Oh yes, and the monkeys at our place LOVE them!  And we could do far worse than to “eat like a monkey”!