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Jun Scoby – FREE

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FREE Limited Stock, only one per order. Make your own Jun (a live Kombucha like brew made with Green Tea and Honey) at home with this living Jun Scoby. Full instructions in the description. Shipped in a recycled glass jar with feeder Jun. 

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On receipt of your living Jun Scoby, remove the lid of the jar and replace with some muslin cloth, held in place with an elastic band, this will allow the Scoby to breathe. You can transfer to a larger container if you wish. 

This is a small starter Scoby and is suitable for brewing around 1 litre of Jun initially. The Scoby will quickly grow a new layer on the surface of the tea and allow you to make bigger batches, you can then move to larger containers. Only keep your Jun and Scoby in glass, do not use metal.

Recipe for 1 litre Jun


  • 1 litre Hot Water (spring or filtered)
  • 2 Tbs Loose Green Tea
  • 1/4 cup Local Raw Honey


  • Put your loose green tea in a suitable brewing container, tea pot, plunger, saucepan etc.
  • Add the hot water and leave to brew and cool until just lukewarm
  • Strain out the tea (good for compost bucket)
  • Stir the honey into the warm tea until dissolved (Important to not ‘cook’ the honey in too hot water)
  • Once properly cool, add the sweet tea to the Scoby in a suitable glass container, cover with muslin cloth, place on your kitchen counter out of direct sun.

Brewing can take anything from a few days to couple of weeks, depending on the scoby size and ambient temperature. Taste testing is best to determine when ready. Pour off the Jun and chill in the fridge in glass bottles, make another batch of tea and add to Scoby….Repeat! You can add a little of your last Jun brew to each new brew and this will help kickstart the process, but is not necessary.

If you prefer your Jun fizzy, you can bottle condition by finishing the last bit of the brewing process in sealed bottles. Look online for detailed instructions on how to do this. 

If you neglect your Scoby and Jun mix, do not worry, they are incredibly resilient (Much more so than Kombucha!) and can last for many months (even years) without any attention or feeding. To resurrect an old scoby, remove from old Jun (which will now be Jun vinegar and can be used as such), wash off if needed, feed with new tea, and add a splash of the old Jun as well if it looks ok still.

Once your Scoby gets too big, split it off and share the Jun love with friends!