Greenaway’s Comfrey, Lavender & Plantain Ointment – 30ml (Bag Sized)

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Traditional, completely natural ointment that really works! These herbs have been organically grown and made into this ointment in Bathhurst SA for over twenty years. An outstanding healing ointment that has stood the test of time.

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A completely natural healing ointment. 

Combining the powerful healing and cell regenerative properties of Comfrey with the antiseptic properties of Plantain and Lavender.

Excellent for use on surface wounds, infected sores, spider bites, eczema, skin ulcers, boils, swelling, bruising, sprains, sore muscles, haemorrhoids, cancerous spots, burns (including sunburn) and arthritis.

INGREDIENTS: Cold Pressed Oils, Organically Grown Herbs, Bees Wax 

SIZE: 30ml in glass jar

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