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Korean Fermentation Pot

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Handmade fermentation pot with water seal.

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Beautiful rustic glazed Korean Kimchi pot with water sealing lid. Can be used for any fermenting like sauerkraut etc.

Has a 3 litre capacity (the actual amount of ferments, the pot is slightly larger).

These are traditional pots and rustically made, with imperfections and variations in glaze colour and finish, part of the appeal! Made with food safe glaze. Once your vegetables are inside and weighted down, put the lid on and fill the built in trough with water, this seals the pot to air and flies etc, but allows gasses from the fermentation to gently bubble out. Not supplied with a food weight inside, we use beach pebbles to hold the food down under the brine. Limited availability.

Height: 270mm approx

Diameter: 210mm approx

Weight: 4.2kg approx


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