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Activated Granola Snack – Berry Blast 30g

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R18.00 Incl. VAT

Delicious and Crunchy, Handmade breakfast, with chia,  sprouted seeds & Superfoods.

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INGREDIENTS: Oats, organic dates, activated sunflower seeds, activated buckwheat, activated almonds, macadamia nuts, activated cashews, chia, cranberries, activated pumpkin seeds, organic gooseberries, organic (non oiled) raisins, organic beetroot juice,, kelp powder, Kalahari salt



BARCODE NUMBER: 700371765293

100% RAW, Air Dried, Vegan, Wheat Free, Dairy Free

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1 review for Activated Granola Snack – Berry Blast 30g

  1. Jan

    i take these small packs walking , very nice and convenient snack food

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