Super Hot Cacao Drink – Value Sample Pack of Four Varieties (4 x Large Single Servings)

R95.00 Incl. VAT

Try all four of our Super Hot Cacao Drinks for LESS THAN THE PRICE OF 3!  Vegan Hot Chocolate! 100% superfoods in the bag. Meal replacement option. Just add hot water and blend (no heating milk required!). Free from: dairy, gluten, wheat, refined sugar and additives.

Based on our famous Hot Chocolate recipe which we have been serving at Earthshine events for years!  Now available to enjoy,  relaxing in front of the fire at home, for an energising work lunch or even on a mountain trail.  Delicious too as a smoothie mix!


DARK & MALTY, ORIGINAL – INGREDIENTS: Cacao Mass (Tanzanian)* (43%), Activated Cashews (Tree nuts), Coconut Blossom Sugar*, Mesquite* (9%), Cacao Powder, Mucuna Powder* (2%), Maca (2%), Moringa* (<1%), Kalahari Salt, Kelp (<1%), Ormus Minerals (<1%). *ORGANIC

WHITE & CREAMY, ZERO ADDED SUGAR – INGREDIENTS: Cacao Butter (33%), Mesquite* (30%), Cashew Nuts (Tree Nuts), Maca (2%), Mucuna*, Kalahari Salt, Kelp, Vanilla, Ormus Minerals (<1%). *ORGANIC 

DARK & MALTY, GINGER & TURMERIC – INGREDIENTS: Cacao Mass (Tanzanian)* (41%), Activated Cashews (Tree nuts), Coconut Blossom Sugar*, Mesquite* (8%), Cocoa Powder, Ginger Powder* (2%), Maca Powder(2%), Mucuna Powder* (2%), Turmeric* (1.5%), Kalahari Salt, Moringa* (0.4%), Kelp, Ormus Minerals (<1%). *ORGANIC

DARK & MALTY, ZERO ADDED SUGAR – INGREDIENTS: Cacao Mass (Tanzanian)* (49%), Activated Cashews (Tree nuts), Mesquite Powder* (14%), Cocoa Powder, Mucuna Powder* (2%),  Maca (2%), Kalahari Salt, Moringa Powder* (0.4%), Kelp, Ormus Minerals (<1%). *ORGANIC


RECIPE FREE FROM: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Refined Sugar, Soy, GMO’s, Preservatives, Chemical Additives.

This product was made in a facility that may contain Soy and Tree Nuts. Contents of jar may clump due to the use of wholefood ingredients only. Quality is unaffected, please loosen and use as normal.

METHOD TO MAKE ONE LARGE MUG: Blend contents of sachet with 300ml of hot water. Stir occasionally while drinking, relax and enjoy!


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